About me

Hello fellow visitor!

My name is Stoimen Hristov (for short Siso [sisɔ]) and I am a young and resourceful team-player, with key competences in several fields in the IT industry who is eager to constantly set new personal and professional goals and progressively achieve them.

I have had the chance to live in countries full of cultural treasures such as England, Scotland, and France, however my roots are deeply linked to Bulgaria where I come from, a country famous for its ancient historical heritage.

Having graduated Scotland’s Edinburgh Napier University with a Bachelor in Computer Networks with French, France’s Joseph Fourrier IUT1 de Grenoble with a Bachelor in Wireless Networks and Security, and Grenoble Institut National Polytechnique with Masters in Enterprise IT Networks has helped me to construct the strong educational foundations of my knowledge and skills in the computer systems and network domains.

My short but bold experience in these domains have forged from me an individual looking towards a constant professional progress and self-development. Having spent a year as a Project Manager and a NOC (Network Operations Center) team member at Schneider Electric, half a year at Neptune Internet Services as an apprentice in Systems and Networks Administration, and four months at CNRS (Centre National de Reseaux Scientifiques) as a Systems and Networks intern, has not only diversified my professional skills but also has helped me gain a serious insight into how companies (big and small) operate and how managing individuals works.

As part of my experience I have also worked for about two years for DXC (which at that time was still Hewlett-Packard Enterprise) in a cross-functional team environment accountable for maintaining BASF’s IT infrastructure. My work there consisted of various tasks and activities in a diverse Linux eco-system.

For about three years I have worked at Technofy, a company founded by Anthony Ivagnes, a man to whom I pay great tribute for what I have managed to learn throughout my stay there.

I am currently working as a DevOps engineer at Hyperscience. The technical stack with which I currently most frequently juggle with includes but is not limited to Ansible, Terraform, AWS, Docker, Python, Bash, etc.

Generally, my most up-to-date professional related information can be found in my LinkedIn profile.

My personal interest in the French culture and language has been growing for more than four years now thanks to having made all those incredible friendships in France and also to having visited all those magnificent places there. I am also eager at learning new things on a daily basis, and have quickly reached a B2 level in Spanish pero para insistir de mantener un nivel en una lengua es nesesario de praticarlo frecuentemente (y con mi español esto no es la réalidad)

My personal passion to travelling and exploring new places, cultures, and languages is a never-ending cycle that I work my best to keep on rolling as knowledge has no frontiers!

Last but not least, and most importantly, I won’t be who I am without my loving other half (@bnaydenova) to whom I express a lifetime of love and care and I promise to strive to be a better person for her and for me, for us!